‘Virasat’ Heritage Village Trust

To provide a platform to the culture lovers / promoters / conservators / writers / musicologists of Folk Culture and Heritage governmental and non-governmental agencies for the saving of culture and heritage.

  1. For the promotion of Research Oriented Projects, workshops, festival, publication, research journal, magazine for Folk Culture and Heritage.
  2. To create Awareness, Unity, Harmony, Strength in Society for Folk Culture and Heritage.
  3. To put in efforts for social, educational, monumental and monetary improvement in the trust as a Cultural Heritage Trust.
  4. To bring in the Socio-Cultural awareness in the society. To promote development in Cultural sphere and to inculcate brotherhood among the trust.
  5. To arrange folk sports festival, folk food festival, folk religious festival by the trust.
  6. To work for the welfare of youth and people in the trust and to inspire the
  7. trust for donating artifacts related to archives, archaeology, folk culture and heritage through collection.
  8. To set up a heritage village and museum for the promotion of cultural heritage
  9. Trust will be purely non-profitable organization. The purpose of the trustees only social service related to culture & heritage.
  10. To setup an FM Radio & TV Channel for the promotion of culture heritage.
  11. Export the traditional craft & marketing of rural tourism.
  12. Setup a meditation, Naturopathy, spiritual centre for the promotion of Indian culture.
  13. Setup an organic food, Agri-tourism, Bird Hospital, Traditional craft centre.
  14. To organize cultural exchange program on national & International level.
  15. to organize Dance, Poetry recitation, Singing competitions, etc.
  16. Publicity of cultural awareness through social media.


India is a vast country with most of its total population living in the villages. The history of Indian villages, in fact, goes back to the Vedic era, when the kingdoms comprised of major cities and several villages. The villages were a complete unit in traditional way. The concept of villages in India flourished during the late Vedic era. The tradition of the craftsmanship in India have a more than 1000 years history, but in last 100 years the scenario of the village changed drastically. The Heritage village will be the center of International art exhibition, International cultural performing centre, unique craft productivity centre, traditional and organic food centre, traditional marriage, management centre, natural eco-friendly centre, Traditional Architecture Centre, Traditional Yagshala and sanskarshala, Organic Farmer Centre, Job and employment centre, naturopathy and spiritual meditation centre, Indian festival centre. The Virasat Heritage village will promote the Indian culture and tradition on International platform.